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quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2011

A rosa e a música (4)


De: | Criado: 01/02/2008
This is a choir version of the old Scottish favourite "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" by Robert Burns. The music for this version was composed by Bill Douglas. It is from his CD "Songs of Earth and Sky".
O, my love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in june,
O, my love is like a melody that’s sweetly played in tune.
So fair art thou, my bonnie lass, so deep in love am i;
And I will love thee still, my dear till a’ the seas gang dry.

Till a’ the seas gang dry my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun:
And I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands of life shall run.
And fare thee weel, my only love!
And fare thee weel awhile,
And I will come again, my dear,
Tho’’twere ten thousand mile ...

Tho’’twere ten thousand miles my dear,
Tho’’twere ten thousand miles...
And I will come again, my dear,
Tho’’twere ten thousand miles.
De: | Criado: 29/01/2009
An Irish Folk song sung to a tune very similiar to "Loch Lomond" - "Red is the Rose" 
Come over the hills, my bonnie Irish lass
Come over the hills to your darling
You choose the rose, love, and I'll make the vow
And I'll be your true love forever.

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows
Fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any.

'Twas down by Killarney's green woods that we strayed
When the moon and the stars they were shining
The moon shone its rays on her locks of golden hair
And she swore she'd be my love forever.


It's not for the parting that my sister pains
It's not for the grief of my mother
'Tis all for the loss of my bonny Irish lass
That my heart is breaking forever.


De: | Criado: 27/09/2007  -  Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Dean Martin
"I want some red roses for a blue lady
Mr. Florist, take my order please
We had a silly quarrel the other day
I hope these pretty flowers take the blues away

I want some red roses for a blue lady
Send them to the sweetest girl in town
And if they do the trick, I hurry back and pick
Your best white orchids for her wedding gown...."

De: | Criado: 25/01/2009 - La vie en rose - Louis Armstrong
Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And tho I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

And when you speak...angels sing from above
Everyday words seem...to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose

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