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domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

Klezmer Magic - Budapest Klezmer Band - Upcoming Concerts

Celebritas1 2 de Abril de 2009 — Midday heat will give way to evening coolness soon. The golden rays of the setting sun exposing the glistening dust in the air stirred up by horse-drawn carriages with enchanting music flowing through your window with the smell of blossoming acacia... Do you hear it? That is Stempenju, the fiddler well-known in neighboring townships. He will play for you, just ask him. What would you like to order, joy or melancholy in exchange for the small coin or kind words? Youll definitely find the kind words because his violin speaks to you in the language of your soul

Website: www.celebritasentertainment.com

CDs and DVDs are available for purchase at: www.celebritasentertainment.com

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19/Abr/2010 16:25
Boa tarde!

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