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quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009

I Wish You Love by Rachel Ymagata


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4 de Janeiro de 2008
 i wish you love by rachael yamagata....featuring kenzie6 on clubpenguin
Enviado poe Flor do Deserto (hi5)
18/Dez 17:59
com calor humano, para enviar para longe o aborrecimento ..
I Wish A Dream
[Verse 1]
People told me
That I’m to young for living dreams
They stood besides me
When I’ve reached my destinations
They kissed me
When I forgot who I am
And they love me
When I hate myself
However, these people don’t see dreams
Which I pursue every night
I wish a dream, dreaming by you
I wish a dream, creating by you
Your eyes should show me
How it hurts each of my tears
If I let go them fall
I wish a dream, seeing you there
I wish a dream, standing you there
Ohhhh, yeah

[Verse 2]
I would like to felt humanity
And would like to be understood
The life runs too fast to wonder about thoughts
How the next day looks
I want to live the day and pursue my dreams
It’s not easy to make decisions
It lets me despair, why only?
I want to fly away and live for a moment
To grant only one dream
And then I’ll come back home
Look at me, feel my heartbeat
And say to me, what you think
Dreams are the rhythm of a life
Dreams let me live
Dreams let me love 

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