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quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867─1959)

Frank Lloyd Wright, Complete Works 1917─1942 deals with the work after World War I, beginning with the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and covering Wright's quest to design affordable houses with systematic construction methods. Key projects during this period included the Usonian concept house series and the forest hideaway Fallingwater as a dramatic climax.
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ALREADY AVAILABLE: Wright, 1943─1959
WINTER 2010─11: Wright, 1885─1916

The definitive publication on America's greatest architect
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867─1959) is widely considered the greatest American architect of all time; his work ushered in the modern era and remains highly influential today—half a century after his death. TASCHEN's three-volume monograph—of which TASCHEN has just published the second volume—covers all his designs (numbering approximately 1,100), realized and unrealized. Made in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives in Taliesin, Arizona, this collection leaves no stone unturned in examining and paying tribute to Wright's astonishing life and work.
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Frank Lloyd Wright, Complete Works 1917─1942
Hardcover, 40 x 31 cm, 488 pages
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