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domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

Lenin's speech: "How the Working People can be saved from...

CommunistChannel | 25 de Maio de 2008
How the Working People Can Be Saved From the Oppression of the Landowners and Capitalists For Ever:

The enemies of the working people, the landowners and capitalists say that the workers and peasants cannot live without them. "If it were not for us," they say, "there would be nobody to maintain order, to give out work, and to compel people to work. If it were not for us everything would collapse, and the state would fall to pieces. We have been driven away, but chaos will bring us back again."

But this sort of talk by the landowners and capitalists will not confuse, intimidate, or deceive the workers and peasants. An army needs the strictest discipline; nevertheless the class-conscious workers succeeded in uniting the peasants, succeeded in taking the old tsarist officers into their service, succeeded in building a victorious army.

The Red Army established unprecedentedly firm discipline-not by means of the lash, but based on the intelligence, loyalty and devotion of the workers and peasants themselves.

And so, to save the working people from the yoke of the landowners and capitalists for ever, to save them from the restoration of their power, it is necessary to build up a great Red Army of Labour. That army will be invincible if it is cemented by labour discipline.

The workers and peasants must and will prove that they can properly distribute labour, establish devoted discipline and ensure loyalty in working for the common good, and can do it themselves, without the landowners and in spite of them, without the capitalists and in spite of them.

Labour discipline, enthusiasm for work, readiness for self-sacrifice, close alliance between the peasants and the workers - this is what will save the working people from the oppression of the landowners and capitalists for ever.

Recorded: End of March 1919 (Как навсегда спасти трудящихся от гнета помещиков и капиталистов)

First Published: Published according to the gramophone records. Organization of these speeches was accomplished by Tsentropechat, the central agency of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee for the Supply and Distribution of Periodicals. Between 1919 and 1921, 13 of Lenin's speeches were recorded.

Source: Lenin's Collected Works, 4th English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1972, Volume 29, pages 250-251
Translated: George Hanna
Transcription/Markup: David Walters & Robert Cymbala; Liviu Iacob, 2006

Bolshevism | 28 de Dezembro de 2008
Work For The Railways

"Comrades, the great victories of the Red Army have delivered us from the onslaught of Koichak and Yudenich and have almost put an end to Denikin.

The troops of the landowners and capitalists who wanted, with the aid of the capitalists of the whole world, to re-establish their rule in Russia have been routed.

The imperialist war and then the war against counter-revolution, however, have laid waste to and ruined the entire country.

We must bend all efforts to conquer the chaos, to restore industry and agriculture, and to give the peasants the goods they need in exchange for grain.

Now that we have defeated the landowners and liberated Siberia, the Ukraine, and the North Caucasus, we have every opportunity of restoring the country's economy.

We have a lot of grain, and we now have coal and oil. We are being held up by transport. The railways are out of action. Transport must be rehabilitated. Then we can bring grain, coal and oil to the factories, then we can deliver salt, then we shall begin to restore industry and put an end to the hunger of the factory and railway workers.

Let all workers and peasants set about rehabilitating the railways, let them set about the work with persistence and enthusiasm.

All the work necessary for the restoration of transport must be carried out with the greatest zeal, with revolution-ary fervour, with unreserved loyalty.

We have been victorious on the front of the bloody war.

We shall be victorious on the bloodless front, on the labour front.

All out for work to restore transport!"

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