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domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

Paul Anka - Diana (1957)

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At first I didn't know why this version sounded so different from the other versions on Youtube. But now I know, thanks to "wad44" :

"This version of Diana is the first version recorded at ABC Paramount arranged by Don Costa in 1957. Most of the other versions from the youtube credited as "original" or "recorded in 1957" are the RCA version from 1963. Your version is far the best, can't even be compared with any other recorded later by him."


I'm so young and you're so old
This, my darling, I've been told
I don't care just what they say
'Cause forever I will pray
You and I will be as free
As the birds up in the trees
Oh, please stay by me, Diana

Thrills I get when you hold me close
Oh, my darling, you're the most
I love you but do you love me
Oh, Diana, can't you see
I love you with all my heart
And I hope we will never part
Oh, please stay with me, Diana

Oh, my darlin', oh, my lover
Tell me that there is no other
I love you with my heart
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Only you can take my heart
Only you can tear it apart
When you hold me in your loving arms
I can feel you giving all your charms
Hold me, darling, ho-ho hold me tight
Squeeze me baby with-a all your might
Oh, please stay with me, Diana
Oh, please, Diana
Oh, please, Diana
Oh, please, Diana



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