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segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2017

The Russian "Red Star" Army Chorus of RVSN (1992)

The concert of the "Red Star" Russian Army Choir and Dance Ensemble of RVSN (the Strategic Missile Forces) at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow.
NOTE! This is NOT the Alexandrov Red Army Choir!

Art Director and Conductor - Colonel Anatoly Bazhalkin
Featuring Evgeny Belyaev.
Moscow, 1992
Runtime - 1:28

Interesting facts about this movie:
- This is NOT the Alexandrov Red Army Enseble although they look like it and have a similar repertoir. 
- A former soloist of the Alexandrov Ensemble Evgeny Belyaev is featuring in this concert (I presume as independent artist).
- Belyaev sings The Birch Tree Song here. This song was always performed by Belyaev's co-worker Nikolay Gres when they worked together in the Akexandrov Ensemble.
- This is the last video recording of Evgeny Belyaev performing. He passed away in 1994.

Movie playlist:

1. Patriotic song
2. Meadowland
3. Regimental Polka
4. Cossacks' Dance
5. Paganini Variations
6. The Swallow
7. Dark Eyes
8. Russian Dance
9. Volga Boatmen Song
10. Kamarinskaya
11. A Birch Tree Stood in a Meadow
12. The Sun Set Behind a Mountain
13. Sailor's Dance
14. Flight of the Bumblebee
15. Song of a Flea
16. Happy Girl
17. Seven Sons-in-Law
18. Hopak Dance
19. Moscow Nights
20. Kalinka
21. On the March 

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