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quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

One Hour of German Communist Music

I was Inspired by https://youtu.be/22L5FCNPkrA and https://www.youtube.com/user/PchanKin...

Compilations by Comrades: http://www.ussc.su/map/

But because the GDR one is focused on Military Marches which praise the GDR or the Nationale Volksarmee i decided to make a more general one but a focus on Pre WWII Communist Songs.

I hope you do not mind that so many of the songs are sung by Ernst Busch.

The Picture is the Emblem of the KPD (The Emblem is illegal in germany since the KPD is banned so do not run around with the Emblem openly in Germany)

And there are still a lot of great german Communist Songs which neither were used in this nor in Volxsturms DDR Compilation.
So feel free to make a Compilation yourself.

I am afraid that some Songs are louder and some are relative quite since i have a very strange and loud headset i could not adjust it perfectly


00:00 - Auf, auf zum Kampf! (Get up for the fight!)

02:34 - Internationale

06:11 - Dem Morgenrot entgegen (Towards the Red Dawn)

09:04 - Brüder zur Sonne, zur Freiheit (Brothers to the Sun, to Freedom)

10:56 - Arbeiter von Wien (Workers from Vienna)

13:34 - Ich trage eine Fahne (I am carrying a Flag)

15:18 - Einheitsfrontlied (Unity Front Song)

17:47 - Spartakus 1919 (Named after the Spartacus Uprising and the Spartacus League (not to confuse with the Spartacist League))

20:39 - Lied vom Klassenfeind (Song of the Class Enemy)

31:27 - Trotz alledem (Despite all)

33:52 - Vorwärts Bolschewik (Forward Bolshevik)

36:44 - Marsch der Antifaschisten (March of the Antifascists)

38:34 - Roter Wedding (Red Wedding (Wedding is the name of a district in Berlin and there was a massacre commited by the Socialdemocratic controlled Police towards Communists Demonstrations on the May Day))

42:15 - Der schlimmste Feind (The worst Enemy)

44:49 - Kampflied gegen den Faschismus (Fighting Song against Fascism)

48:15 - Die rote Front marschiert (The Red Front is Marching)

50:12 - Die Moorsoldaten (Peat Bog Soldiers)

54:42 - Solidaritätslied (Song of Solidarity)

57:25 - Die Thälmann-Kolonne (The Thälmann Column)

59:21 - Ballade der XI Brigade (Ballad of the XI. Brigade)

1:03:53 - Halt stand rotes Madrid (Stand firm, red Madrid)

1:05:51 Lied der Internationalen Brigaden (Song of the International Brigades)

1:08:19 - Lincoln Bataillon

1:11:05 Hans-Beimler-Lied (Hans Beimler Song)

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