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sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017

One Hour of British Communist Music

Here it is. Now let's never speak of this again.

0:00 The Red Flag
2:26 The Internationale [English]
4:59 Yr Undeb rhyngwladol [Cymraeg] (The Internationale [Welsh])
6:13 The Internationale [Scottish English]
9:40 Founding Of The Party
11:53 Song Of The Communist Youth Union Of Britain
13:20 The Lords of Labour
15:39 England Arise
18:49 John Maclean March
21:51 Poverty Knock
25:02 The Diggers' Song
28:31 The Limerick Soviet
31:55 The Ballad Of Ho Chi Minh
35:24 Bella Ciao
39:06 The Storks
42:59 The People United Will Never Be Defeated
47:16 Anthem of Riego
48:29 Whirlwinds of Danger
50:35 Soviet Airmen's March
53:25 Song of the Motherland
56:25 Song of the Old Communist

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