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Raymond Chandler no Cinema r na TV

Raymond Chandler

    (1942, RKO)
    Based on Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler, and characters created by Michael Arlen
    Adapted by Lynn Root and Frank Fenton
    Directed by 
    Irving Reis
     George Sanders as GAY LAWRENCE, THE FALCON
    (1942, 20th Century Fox)
    Based on characters created by Brett Halliday and The High Window by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by Clarence Upsom Young
    Directed by Herbert I. Leeds
    Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel
    Starring Lloyd Nolan as MICHAEL SHAYNE
  • DOUBLE INDEMNITY....Buy this video
    (1944, Paramount)
    107 minutes
    Based on the novel by James M. Cain
    Screenplay by Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler
    Directed by Billy Wilder
    Starring Fred MacMurray as Walter Neff
    Barbara Stanwyck as Phyllis Dietrichson
    and Edward G. Robinson as BARTON KEYES
    (1944, Paramount)
    86 minutes
    Based on the novel by Rachel Field
    Screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Frank Partos
    Directed by Irving Pichel
    Costumes by Edith Head
    Starring Alan Ladd, Loretta Young, Susan Hayward, Barry Sullivan
    Handsome but poor doctor falls in love with a rich, beautiful deaf patient. No wonder Chandler drank..
  • MURDER MY SWEET....Buy this video...Buy on DVD(UK title: Farewell, My Lovely)
    (1944, RKO)
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by John Paxton
    Directed by Edward Dmytryk
    Starring Dick Powell as PHILIP MARLOWE
  • THE UNSEEN(1945, Paramount)
    82 minutes
    Based on the novel Her Heart in Her Throat by Ethel Lina White
    Screenplay by Hagar Wilde and Raymond Chandler
    Directed by Lewis Allen
    Starring Joel McCrea, Gail Russell, Herbert Marshall, Phyllis Brooks
    A governess is haunted by a ghost, or possibly her past. Pass the scotch..
  • THE BLUE DAHLIA....Buy this video
    (1946, Paramount)
    100 minutes
    Original screenplay by Raymond Chandler
    Directed by George Marshall
    Produced by John Houseman
    Starring Alan Ladd as Johnny Morrison
    Also starring
     Veronica Lake, William Bendix, Howard DaSylva, Tom Powers, Hugh Beaumont
    A soldier comes home from the war to discover his wife's a tramp. She's also dead, and he's the prime suspect. A pretty good flick, despite numerous production, studio squabbles and Chandler being crocked to the gills during most of the writing..
  • THE BIG SLEEP....Buy this video ...Buy this DVD
    (1946, Warner Brothers)
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by William Faulkner, Jules Furthman and Leigh Brackett
    Directed by Howard Hawks
    Starring Humphrey Bogart as PHILIP MARLOWE
  • THE LADY IN THE LAKE....Buy this video
    (1947, MGM)
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Written by Steve Fisher
    Directed by Robert Montgomery
    Starring Robert Montgomery as PHILLIP MARLOWE
    (UK title: The High Window)
    (1947, 20th Century Fox)
    Based on "The High Window" by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by Dorothy Hannah
    Adaptation by Leonard Praskins
    Directed by John Brahm
    Starring George Montgomery as PHILIP MARLOWE
  • STRANGERS ON A TRAIN....Buy this video
    (1951, Warner Brothers)
    100 minutes
    Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith
    Adapted by Whitfield Cook
    Screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Czenzi Ormonde
    Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
    Produced by Alfred Hitchcock
    Starring Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker, Leo G. Carroll
    By most accounts, Chandler's final screenplay for this psychological thriller was completely trashed by director/producer Hitchcock, and never used. Ormonde, though, was forced to share the credit with Chandler, due to studio politics..
  • MARLOWE....Buy this video
    (1969, Metrocolor/MGM)
    Based on The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by Stirling Silliphant
    Directed by Paul Bogart
    Starring James Garner as PHILIP MARLOWE
  • THE LONG GOODBYE... Buy the DVD... Buy the video(1973, United Artists)
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by Leigh Brackett
    Directed by Robert Altman
    Starring Elliot Gould as PHILIP MARLOWE
  • FAREWELL, MY LOVELY..Buy this video....Buy this DVD(1975, EK Corporation/ITC)
    95 minutes
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by David Zelag Goodman
    Directed by Dick Richards
    Starring Robert Mitchum as PHILIP MARLOWE
  • THE BIG SLEEP.. Buy this video
    (1978, Winkast)
    99 minutes
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Screenplay by Michael Winner
    Directed by Michael Winner
    Starring Robert Mitchum as PHILIP MARLOWE
    (October 7, 1954)
    Aired as an episode of drama anthology Climax! (1954-58, CBS)
    Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
    Starring Dick Powell as PHILIP MARLOWE
    (1959-60, ABC)
    26 30-minute B&W episodes
    Based on the character created by Raymond Chandler
    Starring Philip Carey as PHILIP MARLOWE
    (1984, London Weekend Television)
    5 60-minute episodes
    Based on stories by Raymond Chandler
    Starring Powers Boothe as PHILIP MARLOWE
    (1986, Canada)
    6 60-minute episodes
    Based on stories by Raymond Chandler
    Starring Powers Boothe as PHILIP MARLOWE
    (1993, Showetime)
    Aired as an episode of Showtime's Fallen Angels.
    Based on
     the short story by Raymond Chandler
    Teleplay by C. Gaby Mitchell
    Directed by Tom Hanks
    Starring Bruno Kirby as TONY RESICIK
    Also starring Dan Hedaya, Marg Helgenberger, Jon Polito, Dick Miller, Peter Scolari
    (1995, Showtime)
    Aired as an episode of Showtime's Fallen Angels.
    Based on the short story by Raymond Chandler
    Starring Danny Glover as PHILIP MARLOWE
    Also starring 
    Valeria Golino
    Glover was nominated for a 1996 Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series Emmy for his portrayal of Marlowe in this episode..
    (1998, HBO)
    Based on characters created by Raymond Chandler and the novel Poodle Springs, completed by Robert B. Parker
    Teleplay by Tom Stoppard
    Directed by Bob Rafaelson
    Starring James Caan as PHILIP MARLOWE

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