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segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

The Production of Medieval Manuscripts


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Images of the production of midieval manuscripts. From the making of Parchment to the illumination process.
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they are all from Hans Talhoffer
enjoy !
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Music: 'Trotto' by Saltarello

Weapon Forms: Scythe, Sickle, Flail, Cudgel, Duelling Shield.

-From Wikipedia-
Paulus Hector Mair (1517--1579) was an Augsburg civil servant, and active in the martial arts of his time. He collected Fechtbücher and undertook to compile all knowledge of the art of fencing in a compendium surpassing all earlier books. For this, he engaged the painter Jörg Breu the Younger, as well as two experienced fencers, whom he charged with perfecting the techniques before they were painted. The project was very costly, taking full four years, and according to Mair, consumed most of his family's income and property. Three versions of his compilation, and one later, less extensive manuscript, have been preserved.

Not only did Mair spend huge sums on his collections and on his projects, he also had a very expensive lifestyle, frequently hosting receptions for the more important burghers of Augsburg. His own income was not sufficient for this, and during many years, he misappropriated funds from the city treasury, with the supervision of which he had been entrusted since 1541. His embezzlements were discovered in 1579, and Mair was hanged as a thief at the age of 62.

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